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.SAFE Technology

Major data breaches are now a daily, widespread occurence.

Whether intellectual property is inadvertently exposed by an employee security slip-up or regulated data exposed by a poorly secured email, cloud storage service, or mobile device: it’s clear that traditional data defenses, including firewalls, anti-malware, and encryption, have failed to protect enterprise data adequately.

Now is the time for enterprises to adopt something new when it comes to data security — self-protecting data. It’s time data security policies encase the data itself and travel with data wherever the data goes.

The Encryptics’ .SAFE data-centric and transport- and application-agnostic architecture was developed so that organizations can protect and control their data anywhere it travels and resides. The Encryptics platform uses powerful industry-standard, FIPS 140-2 certified, AES 256 encryption algorithms and proprietary .SAFE technology that enables data owners to set who can access data, how long they can access that data, and what they can do with the data while they have access.


World-class technology vendors use the .SAFE API to add value to their platforms in cyber security or any other technology. Wherever data protection and control is important, the .SAFE API provides the easiest and best way to ensure data is protected anytime, anywhere.  Learn how to add “Protected by .SAFE” to your product.

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.SAFE for Email

E-mail is still the most popular way for people to communicate and share critical or sensitive data.  With .SAFE for E-Mail, you maintain control of your information even after hitting Send.

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