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.SAFE Data Protection Suite

Makes Data Self-Protecting, Intelligent and Self-Aware

Unlike any other solution on the market today, our .SAFE (“dot-SAFE”) Data Protection Suite protects data at the data level itself. .SAFE functions independently of any application, platform or operating system, complementing other cybersecurity solutions to protect your most critical asset – your data. Simply treating the symptoms of data loss is a losing battle. The protection for data must be infused into the data itself. To make it work in the real world, we deliver these key capabilities:

.SAFE Suite Key Features
  1. Platform & Transport-Agnostic: Securely transmits through any delivery method
  2. Real-Time Policy Editing: Immediately implements policy changes, including permissioned users, devices, time windows and functions
  3. Chain-of-Custody Reporting: Logs all access attempts and user information
  4. Advanced Data-Level Protection: Protects data anywhere, any time through unique, patented multi-key encryption technology
  5. *Geo-location Protection: Protects data from being accessed in non-permissioned locations based on location of access attempts.
.SAFE Platform Capabilities
  • Embeds protection into the data itself – fully contained with no external dependencies. This is our key differentiator that changes everything. When we make the data intelligent, it does not need to rely on external protections. Data can go where it’s needed by the owner and remains within its owner’s control.
  • Installs true intelligence and interactive decision making into data itself. Static controls and rigid containment solutions have not worked because data, systems, devices, Cloud, the internet are all too dynamic to be completely predictable. Data is able to assess its security on the fly, at all times, under any conditions, on demand.
  • Remains agnostic to all layers and systems so that data will not need to rely on any given platform, device, application or operating system. It works across all environments and operating models.
  • Works everywhere, every time. While not dependent on any particular platform, application or hardware, self-protecting data needs to work anywhere it goes, no matter the destination, application, operating system, Cloud or data center. It has to be universally deployable and interoperable in any environment or application.
  • Enables the data at its owner’s command to remove itself from a given situation. The owner has the ability to retrieve it or revoke access wherever it resides. If the owner no longer wants the data accessible, the data has the ability to revoke or remove itself from access – long after it leaves its owner’s possession.
  • Allows the data’s owner to maintain control forever – no matter where the data goes. Data follows its owner’s commands, policies, and operational rules so it will remain safe even when the owner later changes permissions.
  • Provides forensic capabilities in its logging and control, recording the complete lifecycle of its experience, from creation to usage to storage to destruction. Data is able to provide its own proof of possession, custody and control. It is able to provide this information back to its owner for every copy or instance from anywhere.

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