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.SAFE for Email

Email remains the predominant way business users communicate and it remains inherently insecure.

Once you send an email, there’s little to no control over that email or the information and data it communicates, especially when mailing outside the organization. When you send an attachment to someone that contains regulated data, or valuable intellectual property, there’s no easy and straightforward way to enforce what they can do with that data once they receive it.

Until now. With .SAFE, you can share and control access to sensitive data and revoke privileges at any time, completely independent of network access. Encryptics also delivers a full chain of custody audit, tracking all access and access attempts for your protected file.

.SAFE for Email integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, iPhone, Android, and MacOS to secure all of your messages sent internally, or externally. Your protected messages maintain the highest levels of security and control even when passed through unaffiliated clients or residing on anonymous email servers. And you can view, compose, control and send encrypted messages in a platform-native interface.

All access and access attempts for your protected messages are logged and available to deliver full chain of custody reporting on your sensitive data. With .SAFE Email, you can communicate securely with anyone.