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In today’s modern development environments, software moves fast.

Your data security needs to move just as fast. With the Encryptics .SAFE API, you can build comprehensive data protection right into your applications, products, and services with Encryptics lightweight API.

With the .SAFE API, you and your development teams can secure almost any file type and keep it secure inside and outside of your organization. With the .SAFE API you can integrate .SAFE data protection into your existing applications and data workflow within the client, server, gateway or cloud so make your data self-aware and self-protecting.

Today, 80 percent of data resides in the enterprise unstructured, whether sitting in email, as email file attachments, or residing as files on cloud storage, collaboration platforms, and network shared storage. The Encryptics .SAFE API enables your team to secure this data not only were it resides now, but on those endpoints and users where your data is shared, such as with partners, contractors, and vendors.

No matter where data resides — whether a USB drive, cloud storage service, or being sent via Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, or shared within a desktop application or mobile app, you can now make your valuable data .SAFE.

.SAFE enables anyone the ability to securely share the information they want to share, and limit how long the recipients can access that data and what they can do with it.

With the Encryptics .SAFE API, .SAFE can be integrated into enterprise applications, and a powerful command line interface can be leveraged to automate .SAFE actions. .SAFE makes it as easy as a mouse click to attain control over the security of data no matter where it goes or how it travels. Whether you store data on a server, share data through a cloud, or transfer data via email, messaging, file transfers, or through an application of your choice. With .SAFE enabled, you can be confident that your private information is protected from unauthorized access.

With .SAFE, your data is protected by highly secured encryption algorithms and can be shared any way needed without the risk of unauthorized access. When your data is protected by .SAFE, only those authorized to see the data on authorized devices can do so. And what the recipients can do with the data is only what you permit within the .SAFE policy.