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Professional Services

Data protection that works for you

Every organization has unique needs, subtle nuances and special considerations to make. With options for custom development and strategic advisory, Encryptics products can work seamlessly with your current technology and processes.

We help identify where security will not only protect, but also significantly enhance your business capabilities. Let us help you tackle technology challenges and secure your entire data ecosystem, enabling the business to prepare and protect against cybersecurity threats.

Data Security Advisory

Encryptics provides strategic planning solutions that allow your security and enhancements to be developed on a solid foundation. Product effectiveness does not exist in a silo – it must be integrated with effective processes and programs. The better those processes, the better your security and the more intelligent your data can be.

Strategic Planning

Data security doesn’t need to be complicated. With a strategic plan to assess your current baseline, we identify and map actionable, iterative steps to close gaps and optimize your people, processes and technology to strength your data security program.

In this engagement, our experts will create a strategic roadmap to implement and manage your data protection program.

•Define and enhance current data protection processes.
•Identify data protection obligations, scope, limitations, and ownership.
•Convey the importance of the program through awareness and education.

Identity Management

Roles and responsibilities of users are constantly evolving within most organizations. Regular review and restructure must be planned and carried out in order to keep data protected through changing circumstances.

Let’s work together to develop the underlying elements of a robust and dynamic identity management program.

•Develop a centralized and standard program documenting roles and responsibilities for business units and data types.
•Identify areas of overlap or conflict with ownership and accountability.
•Simplify responsibilities to ensure communication and ownership is easily defined and communicated.

Data Classification

Organizations house vastly diverse datasets. From trade secrets, customer information and strategic plans, to internal memos and policies, the various sensitivities of data call for different protections. Over- or under-protecting data can lead to complications and a drain on resources. A clear and actionable classification program empowers users to employ appropriate protections and is foundational for truly intelligent data.

Work with our experts to develop a streamlined and reliable data classification program.

•Assess your current data classification program or define new classification levels.
•Simplify your data classification framework to meet reporting and protection needs.
•Identify areas of overlap and inconsistencies within current data handling practices.
•Create documentation to define data protection responsibilities of various roles.

Data Security Policy Alignment

Strong security culture and practices are built upon strong policies. Unfortunately, many organizations find themselves with out-of-date, inconsistent or unenforceable policies – if any at all. By developing reasonable and measurable policies, security requirements are defined and communicated across the organization, establishing the building blocks for a successful data security program.

Together, we can align your organizational policies with your unique data protection needs.

•Create a policy framework that addresses your unique obligations and goals.
•Identify which policies are necessary to develop and update.
•Create an actionable plan for policy roll-out, maintenance and enforcement.

Mitigation Effectiveness

How effective are your security controls in mitigating the risks faced on a daily basis? With ever-evolving threats, knowing just how well your controls are performing can seem like an impossible task. A mitigation effectiveness assessment provides a systematic method to identify how new controls can improve security and how existing controls can be optimized.

With our assessment, we can right-size your processes and technology for an effective security program.

•Establish the baseline of your unique environment.
•Define acceptable risk and risk tolerance level.
•Ensure that tools, resources, and programs are aligned.
•Define metrics and reporting process.
•Create documentation to define data protection responsibilities of various roles.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Synchronize your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) capabilities into a holistic program to bolster your data security and the needs of the business. As organizations mature, formalizing processes and systems across all business units can be a challenge. A strong GRC strategy allows for more informed decision-making, better IT investments, reduced risks, and strong compliance with regulations.

Leverage our expertise to develop your GRC strategy.

•Governance: Create a steering committee, define ownership, and
•Risk: Define your risk tolerance level and develop a centralized risk register.
•Compliance: Define processes for appropriate review and accountability.